• Kirsty Chapman

Roses for Mount Noddy Military Graves

I have been regularly visiting the cemetery at Mount Noddy in East Grinstead for over a year to place a rose on every military grave. I usually go every week or two armed with 30 roses, leaving one for every Serviceman and a couple left over to place on the war memorial at East Court. Every time I go somebody will speak to me and thank me, another said seeing all the coloured roses makes it easy to see straight away where they are all located. I do this simply to say thank you and help others to see them and remember they are there. I will post a photo of each grave here.

The address of the cemetery is Blackwell Road, East Grinstead, RH19 3HP (ive had a few people ask where the cemetery is so they can visit).

I believe it is important never to forget the sacrifice these men made.

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